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Aircraft Turbochargers

Aircraft turbochargers actually gave birth to the concept of turbochargers for automobiles. Because air flow is critical for engine performance, aircraft manufacturers knew that the decreased air pressure at higher altitudes could severely impede a plane's performance. In an effort to help planes conserve fuel, enjoy more power, increase their speed, and fly at higher altitudes, the concept of turbochargers (or, supercharging) was born.

By forcing air into the engine, the aircraft turbochargers could improve the engine's ability to breathe. As an example, if you force 3 litres of air/fuel mixture into a combustion chamber built to accommodate 2.0 litres, you effectively produce 50% more power.

Since the second world war, aircraft turbochargers have been used to help increase the altitude at which the airplain can fly, improve engine performance, and alleviate wear and tear on the engine.

Whether you need to purchase new aircraft turbochargers or want us to diagnose, repair or rebuild a malfunctioning aircraft turbocharger, you can rely on our years of aircraft turbocharger and related component repair experience.

You'll also benefit from having your aircraft turbocharger serviced at an FAA-Approved Repair Station (VT8R558N) where we provide exchanges, overhauls, and testing for all aircraft turbochargers, controllers, waste gates, and pressure relief valves.

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Even if you aren't sure which aircraft turbocharger you need, we can help. Our experienced staff of technicians can help you determine the right turbocharger for your airplane. For additional information on our aircraft turbochargers or to discuss your needs, please don't hesitate to call us at (510) 537-2266 or contact us direct via email at